Ross Nordstrom

An overview of my interests, projects, and background.

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What I like

MS Computer Science, 2016

Academics My main interests are in cloud and machine learning. I completed a Masters Project focused on natural language processing and first order predicate logic with Professor Kalita.
Technology Some of my favorite technologies of late are Angular (with TS of course), Ionic, Firebase, and Raspberry Pi.
Activities I spend much of my free time rock climbing (specifically bouldering). I also really enjoy skiing, hiking, camping, and tennis.

What I've done


LRT (Live Remote Trace)

A proposal and investigation into instrumenting mobile applications to record events in the cloud using a background service and shared cloud infrastructure.

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Adaptive Hadoop

A partner project in CS 5540 (Datacenters & Cloud Computing) modifying Hadoop MapReduce for hetergeneous environments, like most cloud PaaS enviroments.

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A team project in an Entrepreneurship class, creating a business and financial plan for a hypothetical company aiming to revolutionize gift-giving.

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Socket ARQ

My solution to the Networks project. We were tasked to implement the Stop-and-Wait and Go-Back-N protocols in C.

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Social Wifi

An investigation into using Oauth and social authentication providers to more intuitively manage access to Wireless LAN.

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Parallel Computing

Partner project solving some example problems like matrix mult and Prod-Cons queues to learn MPI, Pthread, and OpenMP.

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What I do

Personal Projects


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